WINNER eSERIES – Championship: Disclaimer & Contest Rules

Winner Optimist eSeries Championship

This competition is made in a collaboration with WINNER OPTIMIST ApS (CVR NR.: 26792290).

Competition rules:

All players that create a “legit user” in Play eSailing can win the prize. A legit user is a registered user with verified email and username.

Sailing Instruction:

Boat: Opti

Race course: Optimist triangle

Wind speed: 14kts

Number of players: 5 players

Min. races: 6 races


All races where a player has been in a room after the “1 min warning” counts on the world event ranking list.

The races are following the low point system:
1st place = 1 point

2nd place = 2 points

3rd place = 3 points

DNF = number of players + 1

Ranking list points:

When a player finishes a race the result is transfert to the event ranking list.


R1: 2nd place | score: 2 + 6 (5+1) + 6 (5+1) + 6 (5+1) 20 points after 1 race

R2: DNF | score: 2 + 6 (5+1) + 6 (5+1) + 6 (5+1) = 20 points after 2 race

R3: 1st place | score: 2 + 6 (5+1) + 1 + 6 (5+1) = 15 points after 3 race


The ranking is finding the best series of consistent races to calculate a players final score.

The winner will be the player with

  1. Lowest score
  2. After fewest races
  3. Made it first


Email addresses from registered users provided to Sailing Games ApS in the game Play eSailing will be shared with WINNER OPTIMIST ApS.


1st place will win the first ever online competition Play eSailing trophy with the Winner eSeries Championship mark on.


Play eSailing is still a BETA. You can experience crashes or other issues or bugs. In that case there is nothing to do. We hope you will share the experiences with us.

Updated: 15-03-2024