Test and grow your gaming developing skills
Play eSailing is the only gaming studio south of Aarhus in Jutland. We are working with Mobile Sports Games for multiple devices; Android, IOS, WebGL.

We have launched our MVP of our latest title: Play eSailing | Inshore Racing into Open Beta and are now moving into the next phase of development. For this, we will need a Unity Developer with Game Design skills to join our team. 

The goal is to update the Beta into Version 1, with better game mechanics, improved user experience and with a finer attunement of our commercial model. To achieve this we will need to clean up our code, redesign and/or design game elements, and participate in the game design development, to ensure the commercial strategy.

Grow your skills and get experience
We are looking for talented students that would like to explore their programming skills in the gaming world. This is all from backend to frontend programming. You will get the possibility to be part of a relaxed and innovative environment, where you will be included in programing and development of our game titles.

You have experience in or knowledge about some of following areas:
• Unity | Expert
• C# | Expert
• SCM | Expert
• JavaScript | Intermediate 
• Game design | Talent 
• Laravel (Backend) 
• API creation 
• Photon server 
• AWS server 
• Management of external subcontractors 
• Setup proper testing requirements

Play eSailing | Inshore
Play eSailing is an Inshore Sailing Arcade, where players, world wide, can race against each other, by using tactical and strategic elements from sailing. The game is not a simulator, but mirrors the real data in connection to boats and chosen sailing rules.
Play eSailing | Inshore is the 2nd game in the category “eSailing”, and is aiming to become the official game of World Sailing.

What is Sailing Games?
We are a gaming studio placed in Sønderborg, Denmark. We are focused on growing the digital sport in sailing. This we do by offering games, events, tournaments and broadcasts. 
We work with a mix of outsourcing and in-house resources. Our founder is well known in the sailing community and has been part of growing the digital sport of sailing from the beginning.  

Esailing is not just a game! It is a sport!

Our Values:
We strive to deliver high performance while having the most fun possible
We strike an important balance of creativity and integrity
We base our knowledge and work on the community and the people around us
We engage warmly and love to be competitive
We will always be open-minded with an eye focused on delivering quality

For more knowledge feel free to contact our CEO Thomas Bjørn-Lüthi | thomas@playesailing.io | Phone: 0045 6130 3941.