2023 eSailing Champion Optimist Class

Congratulations to Murray Duthie (AUS) for being the first ever eSailing champion in the Optimist Class.

Grand final 

Winner | Salty1516 from Australia — Murray Duthie

Runner-up |  Tug Fra 2902 from France — Tugdual Brand-Gazeau

3rd | Hugo Fra 2954 from France — Hugo Madec

4th | LAT59 from Latvia — Dāvis Andersons


5th | Badavida_150 from Latvia —Ansis Codars

6th | LAT7 from Latvia — Toms Andrejevs

7th | Mathias Fra2784 from France — Mathias Krauss

8th | Marty from Norway — Martinius Hopstock

See the Grand Finalists here:

Instagram Video

See the prize ceremony here: