Universe Sim & Mobile Game Festival

Yesterday was an amazing day. We had more then 100 sailors and non sailors trying the closed beta, trying their physically indurrence and learning about wind through a real Opti. ⛵️

We already got some useful feedback and the first reactions where better than we hoped for.☺️
Stay tuned, next week we will open up for the beta signup. 😎

Thanks you so much to SYC – Sønderborg Yacht-Club & Dansk Sejlunion for the support and represent sailing and esailing. ⚓️

We also celebrated our newest city in the game Sønderborg Kommune , where the 2022 Optimist European Championship will be hosted this sommer.
It is Sønderborg first time to be created in a game.🌊

Thank you Universe Science Park for hosting such a great gaming festival.☺️
And at last, thank YOU for coming and trying our little baby for the first time.🥰What a memory.😃